Walked up shooting usually involves a group of 2 – 6 guns often with their own dogs, guided by the keeper the guns will all walk around rough terrain and suitable habitat to hunt and shoot pheasants and various mixed game which are flushed from the cover. This is typically a much more active form of the sport; a reasonable level of fitness is required and clothing should be appropriate for walking and suitable for the weather conditions which may be encountered.

Driven shooting is typically for a group of 8-9 guns, in the morning there will be a draw for peg numbers and the keeper will confirm how many pegs you will move up by after each drive.

In this form of shooting you will be standing at a pre-determined location, indicated by a number marked peg, and birds will be flushed from cover and encouraged to fly over waiting guns.

There will be two additional teams involved on a driven day, the ‘beaters’ will flush the game and the ‘pickers-up’ will retrieve all shot and wounded game.

A typical driven day may involve 4 – 6 drives throughout the day, most frequently moving to a different location for each drive.

For a driven day bag totals will be anything from 100 – 400 depending upon various factors.

There can be more standing and waiting, so clothing is important to remain, warm, dry and able to comfortably raise, swing and lower a gun.