In terms of clothing

Traditional clothing plays a big role in shooting in Scotland, especially on driven days, how you are dressed may impact on your enjoyment of the day, being warm and dry will impact on your overall well being and may also influence how well you shoot. Being in character and not feeling out of place is also important. Weather conditions in Scotland are highly changeable and being well prepared is strongly encouraged.

All of the major, UK based outfitters will be able to assist in the choice of the right clothing

Driven Shooting attire is most frequently  based on Tweed o new generation technical fabrics. In almost all cases colour will be  natural greens and browns. Layering is often encouraged, in case, as often happens we get 4 seasons in one day, when the ability to shed a layer can prove invaluable.

Do not forget footwear, you will be spending a lot of time on your feet, so again being warm and comfortable in footwear that is waterproof and comfortable to walk in is important. Wellington boots or similar are strongly recommended.